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Nevada City from 1856, by Kuchel & Dresel.
Source: UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library. View Larger Image
This site is an informational website to help promote and preserve the rich history of Nevada City, California. It was created to help bring alive the stories, people and places in and around Nevada City. From their Gold Rush origins and in the decades that followed. By revealing as much as can be known about the people and events of Nevada City, hopefully this leads to a richer experience in getting the sense of a place. So visitors can better exploring our many mining and gold rush-era locations, fully armed with all of its known history.

If you live in the Nevada City area and have the remains of a ditch or gold mining activity in your backyard and would like to learn more, time permitting, we mighe be able to take a look and see what can be uncovered about it. Contact us at

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Daguerreotype of Nevada City from spring of 1852 by Joseph B. Starkweather.
Source: California History Room, California State Library, Sacramento, California.
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